Delhi High Court injuncts Zee from using Rajat Sharma’s name in its ad campaign

In a landmark decision the Delhi High Court has injuncted Zee from using the name of Mr. Rajat Sharma in any of its advertisements in the electronic and print media or otherwise. The Court has directed Zee to remove all hoardings across the country which mention the name of Mr. Rajat Sharma   The Hon’ble Delhi High Court while granting the injunction in favour of India TV has upheld the celebrity rights of Mr. Rajat Sharma in his name. Mr. Rajat sharma has been successfully hosting India’s most popular and longest running television show Aap Ki Adalat for last 25 years.   Zee had come out with various advertisements for its news channel Zee Hindustan by malafidely using the name of Mr. Rajat Sharma. Mr. Rajat Sharma and his channel India TV filed a suit for injunction against Zee, which was listed on 11.01.2019 before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jayant Nath of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. 

from IndiaTV India: Google News Feed